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  • Executive Leadership Coaching: A Guide to Better Listening | Maxwell Leadership 10 Practical Ways to Improve Your Listening as a Leader - Have you ever encountered someone in a leadership role who always seems to have the answers but doesn’t take the time to listen to others? What kind of results do they get from their team? The ability to listen is a skill that sets leaders apart. Legendary college basketball coach John Wooden believed that an effective leader starts with being… Continue Reading
  • Executive Leadership Coaching: Communicating with Clarity | Maxwell Leadership Communicating with Clarity – A Leadership Development Game Changer - Authors Chip and Dan Heath of the book Made to Stick tell the story of a Stanford University Ph.D. candidate studying a game called "Tappers & Listeners." In this game, one person taps out a song by knocking on a table while the other person tries to guess the song's name. The "tappers" predicted that the "listeners" would guess the… Continue Reading
  • Executive Leadership Coaching: Achieving Leadership Success | Maxwell Leadership 5 Leadership Development Tips for Delivering Results – Whether or Not You’re a People Person - There are generally two types of leaders in the world: one leader is better with people, and the other is better with process. In John C. Maxwell’s The 5 Levels of Leadership, the first leader is considered a natural Level 2 (relationship) leader, and the other is considered a natural Level 3 (production/results) leader. To be clear, you must be… Continue Reading
  • Corporate Leadership – Character Traits of High-Influence Leaders | Maxwell Leadership Corporate Leadership Skills: 10 Character Traits of High-Influence Leaders - Here at Maxwell Leadership, we believe that leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t have positive influence on others, your effectiveness as a leader and your leadership development will be diminished. So, what is influence, and how do you develop it? The dictionary definition of influence is the capacity or power of a person to be a compelling… Continue Reading
  • Corporate Leadership – The High Calling of Leadership | Maxwell Leadership Executive Coaching: The High Calling of Leadership - At a recent 5 Levels of Leadership workshop – one of Maxwell Leadership’s leadership coaching solutions – an attendee commented during a break that it didn't make sense for their employer to host this workshop since everyone in the room was already a leader. The truth is that while everyone was already a manager, very few had made the transition… Continue Reading
  • Corporate Leadership – The Role in Your Team’s Success | Maxwell Leadership The Leadership Development Role Leaders Play in the Story of Their Team - In a recent executive coaching conversation, the leader being coached mentioned she was being promoted to replace a leader who was retiring. When I offered my congratulations, the executive told me she was nervous about the promotion because the person she was replacing was a hero to the organization. When I asked what that meant, she explained that this retiring… Continue Reading
  • Corporate Leadership – Improving Team Performance | Maxwell Leadership 7 Leadership Development Questions to Improve Team Performance - One of the core aspects of leadership development is assessing performance – and it isn’t always easy. Leaders must continually think about the performance levels of the people on their team and how to help them get to the next level in their – and therefore, the organization’s – success. Is your team or organization delivering the outcomes you expected?… Continue Reading
  • Corporate Leadership: Increasing Influence | Maxwell Leadership Executive Leadership Coaching: 4 Ways to Increase Your Influence - “You are always making people feel something: are you aware of what that is?” Author and motivational speaker Ed Mylett asked that question at Maxwell Leadership’s most recent Live2Lead leadership development conference in Atlanta. As leaders, sometimes it’s hard to recognize if we’re influencing people in the ways we want – ways that lead to powerful, positive change in our… Continue Reading
  • Millennial Leadership Development | Maxwell Leadership Leadership Coaching – The Millennial In The Middle - Over 35% of the US workforce is comprised of millennials: those individuals born between 1981-1996. These 26- to 41-year-olds make up the largest working generation and many are in leadership positions. These Gen Y leaders are reporting to either a baby boomer (born 1946-1964) or a Gen Xer (born 1965-1980), and they are leading teams likely comprised of Gen Zs… Continue Reading
  • Developing Your Confidence Day-by-Day 5 Ways to Increase Your Confidence as a Leader - One of the most important characteristics of strong leaders is their confidence in themselves. If you find a leader who is not confident in their ability as a leader, you will find a team or organization that is less than fully engaged. We are positively influenced by confident people. Developing Your Confidence Day-by-Day Just like every aspect of personal growth… Continue Reading
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