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What Crisis Leaders Do Well

By John C. Maxwell | April 7, 2020
What Crisis Leaders Do Well

Yesterday, I shared a brand-new teaching on Facebook about what the best leaders do well during a crisis. As we all find our way through these rapidly changing times, I’m committed to sharing my thoughts with you as often as I can and using every tool at my disposal to provide practical teachings that help you.

Below you’ll find the video I shared yesterday, as well as a short fill-in-the-blank outline to help you keep track of the main teaching points. I hope you’ll watch because I believe it will add value to your leadership during the days ahead.

I love you, and together we will get through this.

3 Crisis Comments:

  1. A crisis ______________ us.
  2. A crisis reveals who the ___________ ______________ are.
  3. A crisis tests a leader’s _________________.

Crisis Leaders:

  1. Understand _______________________.
  2. Embrace ______________ ______________________.
  3. Communicate ________________________.
  4. Think _________________________.
  5. Embrace __________________________.
  6. Show ____________________________.
  7. Focus on ____________________________ change.

Answer Key:

moves; real leaders; competence; context; good values; effectively; creatively; technology; humility; constructive

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