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Leadership Coaching – 4 Inspiring Ways to Regain and Maintain Your Motivation

By Valorie Burton | April 25, 2022
Leadership Coaching – 4 Inspiring Ways to Regain and Maintain Your Motivation

When it comes to getting things done, sometimes you might find yourself falling short – especially when you’re building your business. Sometimes motivation can even be hard to come by when it is exactly what we need to get things done. A small amount of motivation is needed to do small, simple things. But bigger tasks require more motivation to get them done.

The question is, “Do you know how to create the motivation you need when you’re running low or you have none?”

Here are a few inspiring ways to regain and maintain your motivation:

1. Set short term goals.

In general, when we’re moving towards a goal, it’s hard to stay motivated for more than eight or ten weeks. For some, it’s hard to stay motivated for two or even three weeks. So, if you have a goal that’s going to require a long time to complete, know that you may run out of motivation before you’re successful. It is important to set milestones for goals that may take weeks or months to complete, so you can celebrate your achievements along the way. This will help you stay motivated when you see your progress.

2. Make your tasks more enjoyable.

Try asking yourself, “What would make this more fun? More enjoyable? How could I learn something new here? What would make me get excited about this?” When you stop and life coach yourself with powerful questions about what would make the task more enjoyable, it gives you a sense of motivation and an energy boost. This is the perfect time to celebrate and give yourself a reward. It’s okay to celebrate along the way even though your instinct may be to wait until you’ve crossed the goal line before rewarding yourself. Small wins along the way deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated!

3. Take a deep breath and think, “I’ve got this!”

Fewer things will drain your motivation faster than a mind that is overstimulated and overwhelmed. The key is to stay clear on what you’re trying to accomplish and focus on the most direct path to get there. When you find yourself overwhelmed, it’s hard to focus and that is why it’s important to take a deep breath and a break to refocus on the next important step. Sometimes a break is exactly what you need to regain your focus and your clarity about the right next step to take.

4. Include other people.

As you build a coaching business, try finding a mastermind group or a mentor to support you. Dialoguing with other people and leadership experts moving towards a similar goal can be very motivating. It can also serve as a source of accountability. The presence of other people who know what your goal is can increase your level of commitment, accountability, and motivation. But you have to be intentional about inviting people to support you.

You don’t have to wait on an outside force to increase your motivation. You have the power to motivate yourself. Be intentional about not only regaining your motivation, but also maintaining your motivation so you hit or exceed your goals.

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Get to Know Valorie

Valorie Burton, life strategist and international speaker, is CEO of the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and our mentor for the Maxwell Leadership Method of Coaching. Her life-changing message has an intriguing, research-based emphasis in the pioneering field of applied positive psychology – the study of what happens when things go right with us. Her company provides coaching, coach training, and resilience training, and has served clients in all 50 states and 20 countries on six continents. Since 1999, she has written 13 books translated into multiple languages, including Let Go of the Guilt, It’s About Time, and Successful Women Think Differently. She has appeared regularly on the TODAY Show, CNN, Dr. Oz, and Essence, and has spoken for hundreds of organizations around the globe. She was named one of the top 60 motivational speakers in America and one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in the field of personal development.

Learn more at If you’d like to book her or any of our thought leaders for your next leadership event, you can learn more here.

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