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Get Everything You Need to Build a Successful Business as a Leadership Development Speaker, Coach or Trainer

Confidence and Credibility

When you join our 40,000+ Maxwell Leadership® Certified Team Members in more than 160 countries, you have one of the top leadership certifications in the world next to your name, giving you the boost you need to get started.​

Exclusive Tools and Community

Enjoy complete access to Maxwell Leadership’s exclusive coaching, speaking and training tools to deliver for your clients and grow your business faster. With extensive live support options and a vibrant online community of entrepreneurs, you won’t be doing it alone.​

Go Farther, Faster

Through a comprehensive curriculum crafted by John C. Maxwell and his teaching team, you’ll learn how to find clients who need you, package your leadership coaching, speaking and training services so clients want them, and deliver standout work that keeps them coming back.​

100% Ownership 

When you join the Maxwell Leadership® Certified Team, you’ll keep 100% of what you earn, and you’ll be making the world a better place through positive influence at the same time.

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Maxwell Leadership - logoMark

Build a Career Helping Others Grow

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Build a Thriving Business​

As a member of the Maxwell Leadership® Certified Team, enjoy the credibility, curriculum, mentorship and community you need to earn a living helping others lead.

Our Impact


million adults


million youth



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Changing the World: One Life, One Action, One Community at a Time

There’s no better way to understand our work than to understand the impact it made on one young person in need.
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2.4 million participants to date

Launched in 2013 with 200 coaches training 20,000 adults, we have helped millions of adults and youth in Guatemala learn and live out Maxwell’s values-based, people-centric leadership principles. These growing leaders of all ages have multiplied their impact in all spheres of influence through a peer-to-peer process that focuses on self-reflection, self-evaluation and a commitment to one small action each week to live out the values being studied.


790,000 participants to date

We applied what we learned in Guatemala when we launched Transformation Paraguay in 2016, accelerating the program’s progress and reaching youth and adults in all spheres of influence with invitations to Transformation Tables and a focus on improving education across the country.

Costa Rica

295,000 participants to date

Transformation Costa Rica launched in 2018 with a goal to get 500,000 people to participate in 100,000 Transformation Tables to strengthen universal values and promote six principles for intentional living. Our Transformation Tables in Costa Rica span all spheres of influence with a focus on local community development through a peer-to-peer process that focuses on self-reflection, self-evaluation and a commitment to one small action each week.

Dominican Republic

24,000 participants to date

Word of the Maxwell Leadership Foundation’s transformation impact preceded our launch in the Dominican Republic, so we arrived in November 2021 to a sense of expectancy. More than 200 coaches joined us in training 24,000 adults to go back to their organizations as facilitators of Transformation Tables that would explore values-based, people-centric leadership development.

United States

1,000+ participants to date

We recently brought the lessons of our work abroad back to several communities in the United States, from Texas to New York. Longview, Texas was the first U.S. community to launch a Maxwell Leadership Foundation transformation engagement. Initiated in November 2020 amid the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we immediately saw overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants who experienced personal transformation. Today, the Longview community – living up to its name – has committed to engaging 10,000 participants over time and working to help 400 single-parent households achieve housing security.

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Changing the World: One Life, One Action, One Community at a Time


Changing the World: One Life, One Action, One Community at a Time