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​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Know What You’re FOR with Jeff Henderson

August 11, 2021
​Maxwell Leadership Podcast: Know What You’re FOR with Jeff Henderson

This week on the podcast we have three of the best leaders in market today joining us to discuss how leadership in the current culture has changed and how leaders can turn the tide for the better. Our conversation today is between John C. Maxwell, Mark Cole, and Jeff Henderson, author of the book, Know What You’re FOR: A Growth Strategy for Work, an Even Better Strategy for Life.

As John says in the episode, there’s never been a time when division has been so prevalent amongst leaders and organizations. That’s why the message of FOR is so important right now. In this discussion, you’ll learn how your organization or business can serve people­­, and how leaders and teams can come together to make a true difference in the culture and the world.

Our BONUS resource for this episode is the “Know What You’re FOR Worksheet,” which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by clicking “Download the Bonus Resource” below.


Mark Cole:       Hi. Welcome to the John Maxwell Leadership Podcast. My name is Mark Cole, and I am excited to today bring to you two great leaders. Now, every week, week in and week out, I bring you John Maxwell and his content, and we do our best to give you application, give you illustration of how we, the John Maxwell company are applying his principles to our culture and to our business practices. But every once in a while, I bring a treat to you and John comes into the studio live and John, today is the day today.

John Maxwell:  It's today. We're here.

Mark Cole:       You're in here with me.

John Maxwell:  Flesh and blood.

Mark Cole:       I am thankful.

John Maxwell:  Thank you too.

Mark Cole:       I love what you do to impact this community.

John Maxwell:  Thank you. I love being in the studio with you, Mark. And by the way, one of my great joys on the podcast, Mark is wherever I travel people talk to me about the podcast. We have a huge following. But what I love is the fact that people talk about you, Mark and how you take the leadership teaching as I give and you break it down for people to apply in their life. And I get constant comments about how you lead the podcast and how you apply my teaching to the podcast. So it makes me feel really good to know that you're taking what I do, and you're just helping people apply it to their lives. So good job. I'm proud of you.

Mark Cole:       Well, thank you. They don't ask you what my Southern means?

John Maxwell:  No, no. They don't even understand it. Don't get me there. If we go that way, Jeff won't even be able to be-

Mark Cole:       Well, that brings me to-

John Maxwell:  With all of our podcasts listeners and viewers know that we have a real problem.

Mark Cole:       With the Southern.

John Maxwell:  With the Southern.

Mark Cole:       Well, I got another Atlanta boy with me today.

Jeff Henderson: That's right.

Mark Cole:       Come on, Go Dawgs.

John Maxwell:  This is double trouble.

Mark Cole:       I finally have somebody that sits on the seat next to me, that knows what Go Dawgs really means.

Jeff Henderson: That's right.

Mark Cole:       And really so much more to Jeff and the fact that we are about the only two that still live in Atlanta that grew up and was born here. But Jeff Henderson is an incredible leader. And I'm going to tell you a little bit about Jeff, but John, just from a personal standpoint, what talk me a little bit about Jeff and having him here on the program with us today.

John Maxwell:  Well, the thing that's great about Jeff is you're successful. The credibility of a leader isn't the fact that they're called a leader. The credibility of a leader is that they're good. I mean, who wants to follow somebody that's not going to make them better. And every time you talk about branding, every time you enter into any kind of a leadership arena, everybody gets better. We all improve. I learned from you. The best learn from you. And the best I learn from you the best greatly respect who you are and what you've done, whether it's writing an incredible book like FOR or doing what you did with Chick-fil-A or with North Point.

Now what you're doing with us at the John Maxwell enterprise. So to have you on our team is to just give us a lot more weight, moral authority weight, just leadership growth weight. It's just going to be fantastic how you add to so many people's lives. And I can hardly wait to watch more lights turn on and you help people. Great to have you on the team. Welcome.

Mark Cole:       I'm going to let you respond to that, because I've heard you tell John off camera and off audio what he means to you, but I'd love for you, I'd love the podcast audience to know how he impressioned on you early in your career, that then continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Jeff Henderson: Well, both of you know that I'm a fairly quiet guy and I thought leaders were really loud and you had to see that mountain over there, "Let's go."

John Maxwell:


Jeff Henderson: And I was always of the mindset of, "Hey, I see a mountain of it a year, could we go together and go do that?" Right? So 24 years ago, I'm at Chick-fil-A, working in marketing and they give me a cassette tape. They gave all the staff a cassette tape, many of our listeners and viewers don't know what a cassette tape this, but will just keep going.

John Maxwell:

We don't have time for that. That's just old people talk.

Jeff Henderson: And it was a John Maxwell leadership talk. And I'm telling you, I might get emotional, I'm driving in my car listening to it. And as I'm listening to John talk on this cassette tape, I'm thinking, "I think I could be a leader. I think I am a leader. I can just do it within who I have been gifted and how I'm wired. I don't have to be anybody else other than who I am." That was 24 years ago. I had no idea that I would eventually help launch three churches and all this kind of stuff. But I go back to that cassette tape and going, "Oh, I think I can lead just based on who I am and how I'm wired. I don't have to be anybody else. I don't have to pretend to be anybody else."

So John, I go back to that cassette tape 24 years ago multiplying value. So when you sat and recorded that cassette tape, you had no idea that that cassette tape would eventually lead to help serving thousands of people in the Atlanta area through those churches. So that's why it's so surreal for me to be here. I feel like I'm going to wake up and still like... I tell Wendy, "I had this crazy dream. I was on the podcast with Mark Cole and John Maxwell." So 24 years ago, that's where my leadership journey really began.

Mark Cole:       And you know, that's the beauty John of this podcast. This is the new cassette tape by the way podcast, John.

Jeff Henderson: That's right.

Mark Cole:       Just to kind of fast forward.

John Maxwell:  Thank you very much. Happy to help.

Mark Cole:       And to know that there literally are hundreds of thousands of people, Jeff and John, that will be impacted by your message. Now, if you don't know Jeff and you're watching, most of you are audibly tuning in today. I'm holding up what I think is one of the most incredible challenging books on what you want to be known for and a book that helps know what you want your team, your company to be known for. We could spend days of podcast on this book. But Jeff's not only a writer, he's an entrepreneur, he's a speaker, he's a pastor, he's been a business leader. He's named Forbes magazine top 20 speakers you need to listen to and have speak at your organization, John.

John Maxwell:  Now that's big.

Mark Cole:       That's a big deal.

John Maxwell:  Come on.

Mark Cole:       That's a big deal.

John Maxwell:  We need to know him.

Mark Cole:       We need to know what he's for.

Jeff Henderson: That's right.

Mark Cole:       But Jeff, that's all good. But I want to tell you, I am so excited to have you joining our team. Joining the Maxwell team. I told people often, I feel highly responsible with this iconic brand Maxwell that I need people bigger, smarter, faster, thinking than me to help and truly in whatever area, entrepreneur, author, speaker, pastor, business leader, every area you go to you up level and you make better. I'd love to hear a little bit about your personal leadership journey, your philosophy on leadership. Talk to me about before.

Jeff Henderson: Well, for me like John, I'm a preacher's kid. So I promised myself I would never ever work at a church. You're a preacher's kid. And so I ended up working at a church for 17 years. So never say never. But my dad said, "Hey, if you can go do something else, go do that." So my first marketing job was with the Atlanta Braves and the Braves weren't that good. So I had to figure out ways to get people to coming to the stadium, right? Well, that was a learning thing, right? Eventually wound up at Chick-fil-A managing all their sports marketing properties. Then left there to help launch three churches in the Atlanta area. But what I began to discover is that when it comes to growth, whether it's being a nonprofit or a business, there's some clear things that both share.

And it really came down to the two questions in the book. And I was telling a mentor of mine one time, I said, "I've been so blessed, I got to work for this multi-billion dollar organization. Then I got to work for North Point Ministries, one of the largest churches in the world." And he said, "Well, it's also a stewardship responsibility. What did you learn? And how can you share it with the rest of us? And if you could kind of boil it down, you should write about it." And that's what this is. Surely the two questions that help organizations grow. But I say that mark to say, my journey is, and again, John's such a model for me because John worked in the church world and he seamlessly comes in and serves the business world and he can seamlessly go back into the nonprofit world.

That's a model for me that I wanted to follow. So for me, understanding how do organizations grow and how can we catalyze purpose and how can we make sure that we add value to people, so that coming to work is a lot of fun and there's a culture? Because eventually and I say this in the book, eventually the customer is treated like the team is treated. You can say that you have a great customer culture, but if your team culture is dysfunctional, just give it time, that dysfunction on the team will probably be a customer.

John Maxwell:  That's right.

Jeff Henderson: So you can't be for the customer if you're not first for the team. And so my leadership journey, I saw some things early on that I'm like, I just took notes from every leader. I don't think I want to do that. And if I'm ever leader, I don't think I'm going to do that. Or if I'm a leader, I want to do that and just started to learn. So I've had so many incredible mentors in my life and I feel like this book and the opportunity to serve with y'all is just a stewardship opportunity to pay it forward and pay it back.

Mark Cole:       It's interesting to me and John, I'm going to come to you about having Jeff on our team in just a minute. But Jeff, as you were just saying that, and I'm not jumping ahead to get into the book yet. But it's interesting to me that wherever you have been assigned, whether it was the Braves, whether it was North Point, whether it was Chick-fil-A, with us, you just propel messages forward. You make them clear and then you make them big.

John Maxwell: Yes.

Mark Cole:       And I don't know what that is, because I know how you lead teams. I've talked to enough of my friends that's worked on your teams and they love working with you alongside you, because you make them feel heard matter. They're important. How is it that you can challenge us as leaders to help make our people bigger than what they think they are?

Jeff Henderson: Hmm, that's so good. Well, first I would say when it comes to the messaging, language is so important. And as leaders, we got to understand that language can change the world. And the words that you say and the fewer the words the better. If our mission statement is a 12 paragraph mission statement that we came up with five years ago, it's in a filing cabinet somewhere that nobody remembers, you can't check the box. But those small statements, those small words that's language that people give to their teams so that they can take it.

I call it vision in a bucket of... it's like a bucket of water. The more water that's in the bucket, the more the water will fall out. So a few words that you can hand that five or six people down the line, people go, "This is what I'm working for." And I call it the no snooze alarm organization. When there's purpose awaiting you at the office, you don't hit this news alarm. You're like, I'm ready to get out.

John Maxwell:  No. You just get out of bed and go, don't you.

Jeff Henderson: That's right.

John Maxwell:  So Jeff, I'm interested in what you're just saying. I love the simplicity is I feel that's so keeper mediator. Is this what you're going to help us do with companies and with the branding. And as you're out there with them, is this what you're going to help them do?

Jeff Henderson: Yeah. We're going to start here. Again, we're talking legacy and toward the future, but that's what we want to do. This whole question of what do you want to be known for? But one of the things I'll do, John is I'll go and work for a leadership team and I'll say, "Okay, I want you to write down what you think this organization wants to be known for. Don't say it out loud. I want you to write it down." Because they think it's a fairly easy question. So I tell them, "It's not easy, it's simple. But it's not easy." So then I collect the pieces of paper and I start to read everyone's answer to what do we want this organization to be known for. This is the leadership team, right? And you began to see the room go, "Oh, no. We don't have clarity here." And if there's confusion in the office space, there will be confusion in the marketplace.

John Maxwell:  Oh, yes.

Jeff Henderson: So that's what we're trying to do. So all the programs, starting with the book and everything we're rolling out with the Maxwell companies, helping teams get around this idea of what do we want to be known for? And to make sure it runs throughout the organization. And then the second question, not to get too far ahead, but what are you known for? What are you known for?

John Maxwell:  There's a difference-

Jeff Henderson: There's a difference.

John Maxwell:  Between different, what do you want to be known for. Oh, no. A lot of difference. Big gap.

Jeff Henderson: So the first one is the vision. This is our unique niche. This is what we're going to bring to the universe. But then the second one is not ours to answer. It's the customer's reflection back to us on whether or not we are delivering on question number one. And the reality for any organization, really the reality for any leader, all of us included is there's a gap. There's a gap between what you want to be known for and what you are known for. But when you have clarity about question number one, every single day, the teams, whatever they do, they get to come together and they go, "You know what we're doing today? You're not working in operations. You're not working in marketing. You're not working in accounting. We're all in the same team. We're just shrinking the gap between what we want to be known for and what we are known for."

And when that happens you create vision carriers. And here's why this is important. We talk about marketing and branding. We all know this. The most powerful form of advertising the world has ever seen and ever will see is word of mouth advertising. Positive word of mouth advertising. Because a business is no longer what it tells customers it is. A business is what customers tell other customers it is. Ladies and gentlemen, that's the ballgame. The question is, how do you create that? How do you create vision carriers? Well, that's what we're going to teach organizations to do. You create more vision carriers, they'll take care of itself. I love the Truett Cathy story when he said, "I don't want to get bigger. I want to get better," right?

John Maxwell:  Yeah.

Jeff Henderson: And when we get better customers will demand we get bigger. That's the ballgame because he knew that if we create more vision carriers, the customers will handle the growth. And when customers fuel your growth, that's the most healthy form of growth there is.

John Maxwell:  Isn't that's great? I remember when I went to San Diego to Pastor of Skyline. The church had been flat for 11 years. The founder had been there the whole time, great man, but he just got tired. And I remember sitting down with my leaders, they had a huge board. They had like 24 board members. That's like a congregation, but anyway, they had 24 board members and I asked myself, "I just write down what the purpose of the church is." And I got 21 different answers.

Jeff Henderson: Wow.

John Maxwell:  And I remember reading them off and then looking at the board and saying, "Now, let me tell you something. I'm known as a pretty good leader, but I can't leave this organization in 21 ways. So we're going to have to figure it out." And that's exactly what you're talking about.

Jeff Henderson: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Perfect example.

John Maxwell: Sharing it, then reducing it and you're going to help people do this. Isn't it exciting.

Mark Cole: It's incredible.

John Maxwell: Jeff, I mean, just think what this is going to I mean for you and your organization when you bring somebody like Jeff in and say, "Help us get clarity and help us get direction." That's beautiful.

Mark Cole: It's interesting, John, Jeff is taking our team through a process, what are we known for right now? And we're asking people that's given millions of dollars. We were having a meeting just this morning with Jeff. We were asking people that's given you nonprofit millions of dollars. And we're people that just signed up yesterday. And we're asking people to said no, yesterday. We're asking the whole gamut, "What are we known for?" And I can't wait to give you that information back, because I know one thing we're going to be known for, "Hi, I'm John. And I'm your friend." I can guarantee you podcast listeners. We're going to be known for John Maxwell, the friend to everyone.

John Maxwell: Because I can do that. It's very simple.

Mark Cole: Let me go back, Jeff, because there's more books in you. There's more thoughts in you, but I don't want to miss this... I mean, we're working on an exciting book right now for an aged demographic, but I don't know if you want to say anything about it. But one of the things I'm super excited about partnering with you, Jeff is not just what you're helping me figure out about my brand or what we're about, but it's about the content that's rolling around in your head. It's about your ability to communicate from stage and also to get a pen to paper and give it something that really impacts people. And I'll throw this question to you with this statement.

I remember as if it was a knife in my heart when you ask somebody the question, I didn't think it was me. You went, now I have a faith background for some of you podcast listeners. "When is the church going to start being known what it's for rather than what it's against?" It rocked my world, Jeff. And then you rock my world again with the second statement when you said, "When are companies going to stop trying to be the best company in the world and start being the best company for the world." Once again, I went, "Wow."

John Maxwell: Good stuff.

Mark Cole: It's incredible. Talk to us a little bit more about the four content, because I've got an opportunity for people to hear you give that content that I want to talk about in the moment.

Jeff Henderson: Well, I think as challenging as the season we've been in as the world, it provides an opportunity for us to rethink things. And you mentioned this, but I think now more than ever, it's about being the best company for the world. And I wrote in the book that if a business was a person, many businesses would be considered narcissist because it was like, "Look how great we are. Did you know, we're better than our competitors." You go to their Instagram page and it's just, "Look how great we are." And it's as if the customer is looking at all that and going, "We don't really care. Can you tell us what you're doing to help make our world better?" And what's interesting to me, Mark is that as you look at customer demographics and I think this is both challenging for business leaders and encouraging for business leaders. The younger you go in demographics, they're asking this question, "What is your business doing to help make our community a better place."

John Maxwell: It's a great question.

Jeff Henderson: Which by the way, Change Your World is a fantastic example of that. John and Rob Hoskins book. So the point of that is, it's now more than ever your organization business leaders and non-profit leaders as well, but let's just talk business leaders for a second, purpose is not exclusive to the nonprofit world.

John Maxwell: No.

Mark Cole: That's right.

Jeff Henderson: It's not exclusive to the nonprofit world.

John Maxwell: It's so true.

Jeff Henderson: And many times when you have the business leaders over here and you have non-profit leaders, it's as if the business leaders were only for profit and over here for nonprofit work for purpose. And what I tell business leaders is, "Hey, purpose travels with profit in today's world."

John Maxwell: That's right.

Jeff Henderson: The more purpose you have, the more profit that you'll have. And the more profit you'll have, the more purpose you'll be able to fuel. That's why I think it's incredibly exciting to be a business leader in today's world. Are you kidding me. I trust me, I know the challenges. It's difficult, but now more than ever, you get to travel with purpose and profit. That's true for nonprofit leaders as well. But for me, this idea, "Hey, business leaders, you can change the world by running a fantastic business." I mean, come on. That's a no snooze alarm organization.

John Maxwell: That's exciting.

Mark Cole: Is exciting.

John Maxwell: That's so exciting. I'm so glad you're on our team. My God.

Mark Cole: One of the things that Jeff and our team has been able to do, John is kind of as a one, two tandem. When you go in and speak for organizations, or even when Jeff goes and speaks organization, there's such a complimentary message. And I'm really excited to tell you podcast listeners, if what Jeff is saying is resonating with you, you can go to There's a speakers application to get Jeff to come speak for you and your organization right there. Our team will call you back and we'll get a time that works. I'm excited because many of you may not know, but John and Jeff on October, the 8th are going to be sharing the stage giving their message. This message of hope and inspiration in today's world.

And I'm really excited. In fact, I'm so excited. I'm supposed to wait until the end of the program to tell you, but we're talking about Jeff speaking and you can go to That's L the number 2, and you can find out more information about seeing this event Live2Lead in October with John and Jeff. Let me say one more thing. I'm all over the place, John. But if you want to pick up this book, the FOR book, you can go to You'll be able to pick up that book as well.

 John Maxwell: I was just cracking up. When you were talking about filling out the speakers form for Jeff and if you want Jeff to come to your organization, your company you'll fill it out and he'll come. And that's exactly what we did. We filled it out, ask him to come to L2L.

Mark Cole: And he did.

John Maxwell: He did pay.

Jeff Henderson: And I said, yes.

John Maxwell: We're going to have him and you don't want to miss that because he's going to help you. If you're loving what you're hearing today, Mark, think about how much more Jeff's going to help them in October.

Mark Cole: Yes.

John Maxwell: It's beautiful.

Mark Cole: There's one more little segment that I want both of you talk about. John, you wrote a book about Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. It's this concept that so many of us are speaking a message, but nobody's hearing it.

John Maxwell: Of course.

Mark Cole: I want you to talk a little bit about that, because so many of our podcasts listeners, they are responsible to get a message out. Maybe they stand from stage, maybe it's one-on-one in a board room, but they want to get their message out. And yet all they do is really talk at people and not with people. Talk a little bit about this concept that you addressed in the book. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

John Maxwell: What's so beautiful about that is it fits in with what Jeff wrote in his book FOR. And I tell people all the time, if you really want to be a great communicator, you got to do two things. Number one, you've got to get over yourself. We were just talking about the narcissism of advertising. Am I not the greatest? And that whole process, which just does nothing at all. You know what I mean? No person ever said, what I want to do is find out who says they're the greatest so that we can get their product. So get over yourself. And the second thing is, it's like what I called the law perspective and that it's all about the audience. It's all about the people.

The whole question that you ask yourself, what do you think you're known for? What do the people think you are... the bottom line is this, the people always determine if you're successful. It's always about the audience. And so when I wrote, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, it was all about if you'll get over yourself and you put the perspective and focus on the people, then you're going to have a message that is going to connect with them. But if you haven't gotten over yourself and you're worried about how well you're delivering the teaching, and if it's all about, this is what I'm going to gain, and by the way, I need you to help me win and gain, then you're going to leave the audience stone cold.

So I'm just excited because Jeff, I think that there's never been a time where there's been more skepticism and division in our culture than right now. Which tells me there's never been a time that's more appropriate for a book like FOR. I mean, if most people wrote the book in a culture today, it would be Against.

Mark Cole: That's right. That's right.

John Maxwell: "Hand me a book." "Hear here."

Mark Cole: Politics.

John Maxwell: Get rid of this book on Against. Let me tell you who you need to fight against and who's not on your side. Leaders have never built anything by separating the people. So what you're doing and what you're writing is just so compatible to the John Maxwell enterprise. That's why Jeff is such a good fit to have you on the team. It's like, you've always been on the team. We're just making it official now. You know what I'm saying?

Jeff Henderson: Well, you've been so influential. This book would not have been possible without your influence. The reason it seems like there's a connect is because has been.

Mark Cole: There is a connect. I wanted you to talk about Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, because in this last question to you, Jeff, I knew you when you were leading hundreds of people, when you were pastoring thousands of people, you were running a very, very large organization. And yet every single week, there's three things that Jeff does that I do not know how you do it. I really don't. Number one, you write, you're getting ready to me, how many thank you notes a day, a week?

Jeff Henderson: 15 a week.

Mark Cole: 15 handwritten thank you notes a week. Second thing you do is you are the most present person on social media I've ever met. You comment on Jeff's comments and he's going to reply back. He's going to like your comments. You're so present. And then the final thing he did in his book talking about, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect you put your cell phone in the back of a book. Were you thinking you were only going to sell five copies? I mean what caused you to do so intentionally? There's a message I want you to leave us on being for people and staying connected like John's talking about. And that's just kind of the last thing I want you to leave because you do those three things so religiously and every time you do it, and I'm the recipient half the time I get so convicted, John.

John Maxwell: Why I'm I not doing that?

Mark Cole: What am I doing wrong here?

John Maxwell: Come on. You've got to be a Jeff Jr.

Jeff Henderson: Well, I think on the social media thing, I think this is important for all leaders as it relates to social media. One of the biggest mistakes I see organizations make is they forget the social and social media and they turn social media into digital electronic advertising. So when I go work for an organization and I go, "Hey, by the way, with all due respect, you don't do social media."

John Maxwell: Wow. That's so good.

Jeff Henderson: They lose their minds. They're like, "What are you talking about? I can show you my Instagram page right here." And I say, "Well, let's look at your post and let's look at their comments and let's see how many times you've responded back to them." I was with a large retail organization. I shared this with them. And I said, "This is like, if a customer came to the counter and said, 'Can I ask you about this?' And you turned your back and walked away." That's what's happening everyday on social media, because you're not doing social, you're doing social media.

When you leverage the social and social media, what you're telling the people in your life is you're more important than me and I'm going to be for you. So when I was at Gwinnett Church, and I learned this from Dan Cathy. I wanted to grow a small church. He wanted to grow a small organization. What he meant by that is we want to grow and we want to serve millions of people, but we never want to lose the small culture of it that's all for us.

John Maxwell: I love that phrase. I want to grow a small organization. Keep the feeling of small while you're growing.

Jeff Henderson: Yes.

John Maxwell: That's incredible.

Jeff Henderson: And so we want to grow. We want to grow small. But the reason I put my cell phone on the book is I wanted people to know that I genuinely I'm for them. And this isn't like just advertising. Now I did say, I want you to read the book and text me, but Mark and John, I get a text today and I'll forward you some of them.

Mark Cole: John wrote the forward. He didn't include his phone number, but he did write the forward.

Jeff Henderson: Part of that is, "Thank you all for lending your influence on this book." Because every text I get I just want to say, thank you for that. But people ask me questions and, "Hey, I can ask you to do this." And there was a system, there was a guy that texted me a few days ago from The School System and said, "Our School System has read your book. It's another stream of influence that John talks about. Could you pop in and surprise them for 30 minutes and just say, 'Hey?'" I absolutely. And then they said, can we use, their school system name. "Can we use FOR in our county? Can we do that?" As if I owned it. I said, "Yes, you may."

Mark Cole: That's awesome.

Jeff Henderson: So for me, the cell phone was just an example to say, "I am genuinely for you." And I've told people, "If you text me, I'll text you back."

John Maxwell: Wow.

Mark Cole: Isn't that amazing?

John Maxwell: That's big.

Mark Cole: It is. And so you need to go pick up the book. Go to You will be able to pick up the book, Know What You're For by Jeff Henderson. It is A Growth Strategy for Work, an Even Better Strategy for Life. Jeff, thank you. I'll tell you, you're on the team, you're making us better behind the scenes. You're on the team, you're making us better on stage.

John Maxwell: Absolutely.

Mark Cole: John's just sitting here clapping and thankful. Podcast listeners we want you at Live2Lead. It's this October, this is an event that will literally make a difference for you. It's going to be live here in Atlanta, Georgia. Jeff, John you'll be joined by Valorie Burton, Jamie Kern Lima, Ed Mylett. You will be impacted that day. You can get your ticket right now. They're on sale. They're available to you. You can go to That's L the number 2 You can get your ticket. Join Jeff, join John. Also, let me say this, if you would like more information about Jeff coming and impacting your team, impacting your culture, you can go to and he will be able to help you. Our team will call you back immediately.

Finally, if you have enjoyed this podcast, I hope that you'll share it. I really do. I hope that you will not only share it, but I hope you'll subscribe. And finally, I hope you will leave us a comment because your comments help us become better and to continue bringing you John Maxwell value add content. So join us. If you want to listen to this again, you can go to, and you'll be able to download the show notes. You'll be able to click on a link to forward it to others at that place. And we look forward to being with you again next week. Have a great day. Enjoy your leadership journey. (singing).

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